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Hill Side Erosion Erosion Repair Fullerton 

Before                              After
Footage taken during construction
Client Testimonial 

I searched for months to find a contractor who would even come take a look at my hillside slope repair project. I was not very hopeful when I filled out the contact request form on Basepoint's websites as I had zero responses from other contractors willing to look at the job. To my amazement Nick responded literally within minutes of me filling out the form and he was out the very next day to look at my project and give me an estimate. The project was way more complex than even Nick or I anticipated up front but he was always on top of everything working with all the engineers and constantly communicating with me. He went above any beyond not only to get my project completed but also to give me options that ultimately led to a better overall finished project in the end. I would recommend Basepoint to anyone who needs a contractor that is willing to go above and beyond to make the customer happy.

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